News Update

The end of year/Christmas party of Trustfund Pensions Limited, took place at the Maitama Amusement park on Saturday, December 13, 2014. The event which is a yearly tradition provides an avenue for staff and their families to unwind and bond with each other in an atmosphere devoid of office formalities.

It is also an avenue for management to appreciate the staff for a successful year and encourage them to continue to put in their best in the New Year.

The beautifully dressed children had fun at the event as they moved from one game to another, from bouncing castles to being entertained by Disney Television character mascots (Barney, Mickey Mouse and Elmo)

The event started with a brief remark by the Head HR/Admin, Mrs. Yemisi Adedayo-Ojo, who thanked the staff for coming out to thank God for another successful year and at the same time bond with each other. According to her, occasions like this help Trustfund staff and their families can acquainted with each other.

For over three hours staff irrespective of their grade levels, threw caution to the wind as they hit the dance floor engaging in all manners of dance steps such as ‘Shoki’, break dance, makossa and Zumba. They danced to the music supplied by the DJ who took the crowd on a journey from old school in the 70s, to Makossa in the 90s and the contemporary shoki tunes.

Guests were treated to a of three course buffet dinner which had both continental and Nigerian Cuisine.

The climax of the occasion was the Departmental dance segment of the program where all the departmental heads, led their team to the dance floor in turns with each department trying to outdo each other to emerge the winner.
The Exco members were joined by the children to cut the ‘Trustfund logo’ shaped Christmas Cake, after which party packs were distributed to the children by Santa Claus.