News Update

Managing Director of Trustfund Pensions Limited, Mrs. Helen Da-Souza has urged Nigerian youths to start contributing to pension schemes early in their lives so they can live a dignified life at old age, saying the contributory pension scheme will only succeed when youths embrace early planning.

Ms. Monica Ani, the Company Secretary/Legal adviser, who spoke on behalf of the Managing Director/CEO, Mrs. Da-Souza at the 2015 orientation camp exercise for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Abuja, explained to the youths the need to understand the purpose of pension and how they can begin to plan for their retirement even before they enter the employment arena.

She explained that NYSC remain a viable instrument for “catching them young” on pension matters.

“We look at the participants in the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) as the future of Nigeria who will be working in a couple of months. This crop of Nigerians represent the future of pension administration in Nigeria. Trustfund feels that they represent a large base of our catchment group hence our decision to involve ourselves more in their activities such as sports,” she said.

She added that it is important for future workers to plan for life after work even before they begin to work.

She said, “I think it is very important for them to start to save early in their working carrier to have a good life after working. We want to correct an impression that they are too young to start saving early. We think this is the best time to sensitize them on this very important subject.”

According to her, the cash that retirees have access to at the point of exit is determined by the money they contributed during their working life.