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In furtherance to the company’s commitment to impact positively on the quality healthcare delivery of its staff, Trustfund Pensions Ltd organised a health talk in collaboration with ProHealth HMO Limited to educate staff on prevailing medical issues, stress management and how to maintain a healthy life style.

Dr. Margaret Isabona, a medical doctor  with ProHealth HMO, gave a succinct introduction of how the health scheme started, she said, “the HMO is a health maintenance organization registered and accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) with the aim of managing the provision of Health Services by the accredited Health Care Providers (HCPs)”.

Speaking on health issues, she stated that, “it’s a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing of an individual and its imperative that we develop a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet”.

She added that some health conditions can either be acquired or hereditary; acquired health conditions are gotten through our choice of: diet, lifestyle, level of personal hygiene etc. while hereditary conditions, which  are innate can be managed.

Dr. Victor Oyoyo, in the proceeding segment took participants through the different health plans we can choose from, taking into perspective their benefits and limitations. According to him, there are three broad categories of health plans and they have their distinct peculiarities, they are: The Emerald, Ruby and Diamond plan.

Speaking on the patient wards, he said, “a  general ward is assigned to an Emerald  subscriber, semi-ward to patients under the Ruby platform, while the private ward is given to a Diamond subscriber. But if an individual wishes to upgrade from any of the wards to a diamond, the difference in monetary terms will have to be paid by the patient and not the HMO”. 

The sensitization came to an end with myriads of questions, complaints, suggestions and recommendations by the participants, Dr. Margaret responded to the queries to the satisfaction of the participants; while Mrs. Oluyemisi Adedayo Ojo, Head HR/ADMIN gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the MD/CEO, Mrs. Helen Da-Souza.